Australia's premier provider of private hospital nutrition and dietetic support

The dietitians at Eat Well Nutrition provide expert clinical services to many private hospitals in Australia.

Our private hospital dietitians have the skills and knowledge to ensure that your patients receive the professional care they deserve and expect from their private hospital admission.


Eat Well Nutrition dietitians are highly trained and qualified to provide clinical acute and sub-acute dietetic support for inpatients.


Eat Well Nutrition provide malnutrition screening and documentation to private hospitals to identify at-risk patients and optimise funding.


The dietitians at Eat Well Nutrition are highly experienced in managing the ongoing requirements of private hospital accreditation.


Eat Well Nutrition are qualified and experienced in clinical and catering staff education and training. Our educations are designed to ensure clinical and catering staff are upskilled in the provision of quality nutrition care.


Eat Well Nutrition are able to provide in depth and comprehensive menu reviews taking into account the specific requirements of patients.


Our private hospital dietitians can work with your catering team to help enhance the meal and dining experience for your patients. This includes education for staff, meal presentation, menu planning, special diets and allergies, these are just some of the areas we can collaborate with your catering team.

Providing specialist clinical services to ensure that your patients receive the expert care they deserve.


What sets us apart is our commitment to providing high quality dietetic support for your private hospital while considering your business goals and objectives. We focus on the following key points of difference;

We understand the funding models for private hospitals and will endeavour to work with you to optimise your strategic financial outcomes.

The Eat Well dietitians are skilled in sub-acute and acute care and will ensure that your patients stay is enhanced through quality nutrition support.

By using Eat Well dietitians to provide your hospital with a regular dietetic service you will eliminate the risk of having to accommodate for staff turnover, staff holidays, sick leave, and other entitlements.

Our private hospital dietetic service is reliable, committed and flexible in times of increased and decreased bed admissions.

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