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Nutrition & Wound Healing in Aged Care; an update.

Poor nutrition in the elderly can result in a number of complications, including weight and muscle loss, reduced mobility, infections, and poor skin integrity. These complications increase the risk of residents developing pressure injuries and wounds. Nutrition plays an essential role in wound healing, and should be considered as a fundamental part of wound management[…]

Food First Interventions

Food first interventions are strategies that utilise real food and fluid to assist in the management of weight loss and malnutrition in aged care. These interventions are particularly effective for residents who are losing weight, malnourished, have a low body weight, or a small appetite. In comparison to commercial oral nutritional supplements, food first interventions[…]

The Benefits of Oral Nutritional Supplement Reviews

Weight loss, malnutrition, and their associated complications are commonly reported issues in residential aged care facilities (RACF), with malnutrition impacting an estimated 40-70% of residents in Australian RACF. As a result, an increasing reliance on oral nutritional supplements has developed in order to assist in promoting weight gain in residents who are underweight, or unable[…]