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Overweight and Obesity: Restrictive diets are not the answer

Overweight and obesity during middle age is linked to many chronic health problems, however, many people are unaware that being overweight in later life is associated with better health outcomes. It may be protective, improve survival from illness and increase length of life. Putting an older person on a restrictive diet to promote weight loss[…]

Label Reading and Choosing a Healthy Product

The supermarket can be a confusing place. With so many pre-packaged items available, how can you know what is a good product and what is one worth leaving on the shelf? Aiming to eat less pre-packaged products and more wholesome, natural foods, such as fruit, vegetables, fresh meat and fish is an important diet goal. However for convenience reasons,[…]


Here’s some good news for shoppers, there’s a fabulous new iphone app on the market, and it’s free!   GoScan allows you to scan barcodes or browse a database to find out a wealth of information about your favourite products, or those you’re considering purchasing. You’ll learn the following information:   Nutrition information – calories/kilojoues, grams[…]

Eat For Health – New Australian Dietary Guidelines

Recently the new Australian Dietary Guidelines were released. Lots of chatter has been buzzing about these updates. Some individuals are disappointed that more emphasis has not been placed on the importance of certain foods or even the environmental costs of particular foods, while others feel it’s a valuable update that was necessary in our nutrition[…]