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Focus on Fibre

Fibre or dietary fibre is the part of food that is not digested in the small intestine. Dietary fibre moves largely unchanged into the large intestine or colon where it is fermented by friendly bacteria that live there. Including enough fibre in our diets is primarily essential for healthy bowel function, but studies have also[…]

Educational Video 4: Feeding Assistance

This video provides advice on assisting patients within the aged care and private hospital sectors with assistance when feeding. This video discusses the different levels of feeding assistance and how each can be refined to improve the eating experience of residential Aged care and Private hospital patients.

Improving Smooth Puree Meals

Texture modification is aimed at making chewing and swallowing easier and safer for individuals diagnosed with dysphagia. Reduced oral intake, malnutrition and aspiration are all possible outcomes if dysphagia is not managed with the proper treatment. Texture-modified diets are an important component of dysphagia management and require the proper processing of food to achieve a[…]

Dietary Management of Constipation in Aged Care

The term constipation refers to difficulty during defecation and infrequent bowel movements over an extended period of time. Symptoms include hard/dry stool, bloating and abdominal pain. Definitions of normal bowel function vary, but frequency can range between three times per week to three times per day. Older adults tend to determine constipation based on symptoms[…]


You might have heard a bit of buzz about the D-Tick lately, so let us briefly explain what it is about. The D-Tick is a program designed specifically for Diabetics. It provides this ever growing population with an indication of what products will aid in maintaining good blood glucose levels. Any products that have obtained the D-Tick have met a strict[…]

Eat Well at Easter

Well, it’s Easter again! The supermarkets have been working hard since February to make absolutely sure you know that Easter is coming up, with chocolate eggs and bunnies, and hot cross buns of every variety exploding off the shelves. Easter is a great time to get together with loved ones and enjoy some laughs and yummy food. But[…]