Providing quality nutrition services in residential aged care for over 18 years.

The Eat Well dietitians specialise in aged care. Our dynamic and highly experienced team offers a comprehensive range of nutrition and hydration services to the aged care sector across Australia.

Our approach to aged care is to provide an expert range of dietetic services to ensure that your consumers and facility obtain the highest quality nutrition and hydration management.

Eat Well Nutrition are highly experienced in the following key nutrition and dietetic services within residential aged care.


Eat Well Nutrition are highly experienced in providing aged care facilities with individual consumer assessments. Our assessments always reflect best practice and consider the optimal outcomes for consumers, their clinical needs and their quality of life.


Eat Well Nutrition provides practical on-site education sessions for residential aged care facilities. Our educations are designed to ensure clinical and catering staff are upskilled in the provision of quality nutrition care. Topics for education can include; general nutrition and hydration, weighing residents, texture modified diets, diabetes updates, mealtime assistance and many more.


Our expert team will ensure that your menu reflects the nutritional needs of your consumers and the meets the national recommendations for the provision of meals in aged care. Not only can we nutritionally assess the menu but also help to identify areas for continuous improvement and enhanced meal quality.


Oral nutritional supplements are often a significant cost to an aged care facility. We can assist by providing an oral supplement audit which can save your facility a substantial amount of money. Our audits also focus on quality strategies to enhance the real food experience for your consumers so they can enjoy wholesome and tasty meals instead of the burden of oral supplements.

NUTRITION POLICY and procedure

Eat Well Nutrition can provide residential aged care facilities with policy and procedure assistance to ensure that nutrition and hydration delivery reflects evidence based and best practice care.


Eat Well Nutrition provides residential aged care homes with full support in achieving compliance with the Aged Care Quality Standards including conducting audits and identifying opportunities for continuous improvement.


Our aged care dietitians can work with your catering team to help enhance the meal and dining experience for your consumers. This includes education for staff, meal presentation, meeting meal size and nutrient recommendations, menu planning, special diets and allergies. These are just some of the areas we can collaborate with your catering team.

Providing the highest quality residential aged care nutrition and hydration support.

Eat Well’s aged care dietitians have an appreciation for the complexities of the aged care industry and the challenges faced by facilities. We will ensure you are provided with quality, cost-effective and successful nutrition and hydration management strategies. What sets us apart is our commitment to the aged care industry;

We are dietetic experts in aged care nutrition and we understand the issues, challenges and direction of the industry.

Our expertise will provide you with a nutrition and hydration service that exceeds your expectations and requirements.

We focus on providing quality meals and nutrition by working with your catering staff to ensure that the focus is on ‘real food’ and not oral supplements.

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