Here’s some good news for shoppers, there’s a fabulous new iphone app on the market, and it’s free!


GoScan allows you to scan barcodes or browse a database to find out a wealth of information about your favourite products, or those you’re considering purchasing. You’ll learn the following information:


  • Nutrition information – calories/kilojoues, grams of protein, fat, fibre, etc.
  • Ingredients list.
  • Allergen declaration – this is great for those who suffer from allergies and need to avoid certain ingredients such as fish, milk, nuts, wheat, gluten, etc.
  • Dietary information – listing whether the product is suitable for certain diets (i.e. Halal) and also health information such as the fibre content and why this is valuable in your diet.
  • Storage information – from refrigeration to freezing and thawing your food.
  • Country of origin – this is good for those wanting to purchase products made in Australia.
  • Company information – the address details, website and consumer inquiries number for the product you’re scanning.


Beware that not all products are yet on their system, however GoScan are busy working to include more. They are also working on the app for Android phones.


The other great thing about GoScan is that the information is direct from manufacturers and will be readily updated, this is fantastic for staying up to date with new finds and product changes. They’re also working on finding out information on the sustainability of different products, which will hopefully allow consumers to make good choices from an environmental point of view.


So what are you waiting for? Download GoScan now and have a wealth of information right at your fingertips to help you make healthy and informed decisions!

Website: www.goscan.com.au

Itunes: GoScan on itunes

Twitter: @GS1GoScan