Eat Well at Easter

Well, it’s Easter again!

The supermarkets have been working hard since February to make absolutely sure you know that Easter is coming up, with chocolate eggs and bunnies, and hot cross buns of every variety exploding off the shelves. Easter is a great time to get together with loved ones and enjoy some laughs and yummy food. But it’s important to not let the chocolate eggs, bunnies and buns take over your whole diet!


There can be a lot of advice around during this time – lots of do’s and don’ts – but we really just want to keep things simple for you. We’re not going to ban chocolate and buns, instead try these tips:


  • Limit the number of times you eat chocolate eggs or hot cross buns: pick a day when you’d like a bun (maybe Easter Sunday?) and enjoy it. Spread some butter on top, if you wish (delicious!). Then move on. And don’t gorge on handfuls and handfuls of cheap chocolate eggs. Instead, treat yourself to a nice, quality egg or bunny and savour it! Remember, it’s quality and not quantity that will help you to Eat Well at Easter. 


  • Watch your portions: share a chocolate egg with a loved one. This way, you half the calories and get the same satisfaction (without feeling sick afterwards – win, win!). Or maybe enjoy half a hot cross bun a couple of times during the Easter long-weekend. Instead of eating a whole bun, pair a half alongside a small tub of yoghurt at breakfast to improve your nutrient intake.


A Final Note: don’t forget about regular eggs! Celebrate this Easter with wonderfully nutritious, fresh eggs at breakfast. Just because they’re available year-round shouldn’t mean you don’t eat them over Easter. We’d love to see people gifting farm-fresh eggs instead of chocolate – it would be a refreshing, healthy change!