You might have heard a bit of buzz about the D-Tick lately, so let us briefly explain what it is about. The D-Tick is a program designed specifically for Diabetics. It provides this ever growing population with an indication of what products will aid in maintaining good blood glucose levels. Any products that have obtained the D-Tick have met a strict set of criteria, which have been set by a group of skilled Accrediting Practising Dietitians (APDs).


What is this criteria? Well, the products must comply with requirements for kilojoules, fat content (total and saturated), protein, carbohydrate, sugar and fibre. They must also have a low-medium GI score and contain a certain amount of vegetables. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?


You can find the D-Tick on Made For You meals, which you can pick up at Woolworths. The range has been developed by Peter Howard, a chef who has Type 2 Diabetes, in conjunction with APDs, and includes lasagnas, curries and pizza. Finally we have a convenient products on the market that you can trust, and soon it seems that the D-Tick will be available for other brands to obtain, provided they meet the strict criteria, of course.


While it is still ideal to create your own meals and learn how to have a well-rounded diet with the guidance of qualified health professionals, it is nice to know that these products are available for a rainy day (and your blood sugar levels won’t suffer for it)!


Check out http://www.d-tick.com.au/ for more D-Tick details.